What You'll Get in the Kefir Course

  • Kefir Information. From 'Supplies' to 'Troubleshooting' and everything in between, the Mini Kefir Course is designed to set you up for stress-free kefir production success!
  • Souring Dough with Kefir. Explaining the why we sour dough and offering a couple popular and delicious recipe favorites using it!
  • Kefir Demonstrations/Videos. Sometimes we just need a visual presentation to help us digest and understand what we have learned. Here you will find several videos Coach Amy recorded to better your understanding.
  • Coach Amy's Kefir - This is how I am making it. I'm teaching y'all what I know about it. If you want to use a different type of milk, fine. If you want to make yours a different way, fine. I am just sharing my way with all y’all. NOTE: If you are in the Main THM Group, simply search kefir and all kinds of info will appear for you as well.