Coach Amy's 14-day journey into the heart of self-affirmation. This mini-course was created to enrich your inner dialogue and nurture the connection you have with yourself.

Engage in practices that promote positive self-talk – a crucial step towards a harmonious life. This course isn't just about fleeting feelings of happiness; it's about laying down the foundation for a lifelong journey of positive self-perception and self-compassion.

In addition to the transformative daily prompts, "Speakin' Love" offers exclusive print-ables to encourage reflection and application of each day's affirmation. These beautifully designed resources serve as both a guide and a keepsake to remind you of your progress.

Remember, the voice you speak with to yourself is the most influential in your life. Let "Speakin' Love" be the guide to ensuring that this voice is your friend, cheering you on with the right things, the kind words, the affirming messages that align with your worth.

This self-paced Mini Course.

*This is not THM coaching and is not endorsed by THM.